The power of a story can be enough to power change.

At the Qessa Academy we act as story harvesters. We gather the seeds of stories. We plant and nurture them through a series of education programmes and platforms. Then we disseminate their fruits to inspire transformation.

By supporting the Afghan people to preserve, share and harness the power of their own stories, our mission is to help to craft a new narrative for the country. At the heart of this narrative – fueled by the abundant stories of love, growth and hope which rise up though the memory of its people – is peace and progress.

This is a story we believe is worth telling. Our work makes that belief come true.

Why we do what we do

Stories connect us and help us to make meaning. When shared, they can strengthen and build stronger, healthier communities.

Passed down from one generation to the next, stories have formed a rich cultural narrative for the Afghan people, and have acted as repositories of values, traditions and ancient wisdom. There are stories about war, peace, families and love. In a country with over 75% illiteracy, stories are a vital currency. We believe that within them are contained the sparks for new growth and the seeds for building the new social, cultural and educational foundations for Afghanistan.