What We Do

Merging an online education platform with a storytelling school in Kabul, we bring together master storytellers and young people to create employment opportunities and promote positive development messages.

Our School

The Qessa Academy  is a dedicated space to keep the ancient art of storytelling alive. It is a place for master storytellers to pass on their traditional craft to a new generation of young storytellers.  Both entertaining and educational, the stories which are shared help to preserve the social and cultural heritage of the country. In doing so, the academy is a place where valuable life lessons and legacies are kept alive.

Open to unemployed youth aged 18-25, the Academy offers students a chance to acquire vital skills in storytelling, communications and community development. Our curriculum encompasses formal lesson in  English, Community Development Practice, and the Art of Storytelling.

At the end of the course we help students develop their CVs and then link them to NGOs and international organizations to help increase their employment opportunities.

Our online platform

Our digital platform is a place to gather, preserve and promote traditional Afghan stories, like qessah and aufsanah. It is a curated space with written, audio, photographic and video content. As it grows it will become a valuable archive of Afghan social, cultural, folk and contemporary history, preserving a record of rich history, not just for Afghanistan, but for the world.