Our online archive is a place for storing and preserving people’s collective passion for Afghanistan. The archive is a place of living history, open to contributions from the Afghan diaspora, or anyone with an interest in Afghanistan and its oral heritage. It is  a treasury of visual, oral and digital memories.

Our aim is to gather traditional stories (qessah), folktales (aufsanah) and other oral histories of Afghanistan to protect and promote the storytelling tradition of the country.

The archive will be a tool to weave a fuller story of the country’s history, placing folk archives alongside more traditional historical sources. It will enable present and future generations to access their heritage, irrespective of time or place, and will be a rich source of educational materials and content. Our hope is that the materials will be shared to increase knowledge and cultural understanding of Afghanistan both nationally and internationally, helping to craft a more vibrant narrative for the country.

The archive is open to submissions in text, audio, photographic or other visual materials.

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