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Buzak Chini

Contributed by - 2 August 2013

“Buzak Chini”, the porcelain goat, is one of the most well-known and beloved stories from Afghanistan. The version below is as told by one of our students, Sayeed ... (read more)

Cunning and Naiveté

Contributed by - 22 July 2013

This story was provided by Ms. Mahboba Sikanderi of Kabul, one of our students, who heard it from a friend of hers from the Parwan Province. Once upon time lived a family with ... (read more)

Olives, gold coins and justice

Contributed by - 10 July 2013

Another story sent to us by Mr. Naderi of Badakhshan, told in Afghanistan despite the exotic setting. Once upon time in the city of Baghdad lived a merchant by name of Ali ... (read more)

The merchant and the parrot

Contributed by - 8 July 2013

This story is taken from a poem by Mawlana Rumi, and sent to us by Mr. Naderi of Badakhshan. Once upon time lived a merchant who had beautiful parrot, a parrot that could also ... (read more)

On turnips and money

Contributed by - 1 July 2013

A story sent to us by Ahmad Samim of Kabul. Once upon time lived a family so poor that the only thing they could eat was boiled turnips. In the family were two children, a boy ... (read more)

The lion that could not write

Contributed by - 19 June 2013

This story is told by Saeed Alisina of Kabul, one of the students at The Qessa Academy. Once upon a time, a lion wandering in a forest sees a lioness, and decides that he wants ... (read more)

The ant and the bird

Contributed by - 26 November 2012

The story I would like to share has been told to me by Mr. Beyria of Kabul, Afghanistan, in 2012 and it talks about the importance of compassion and helping one another. One day, ... (read more)