Terms and conditions

Usage of the content found on this website is free but require source acknowledgement for its use.

For Contributors

1. By contributing materials to the project (texts, images, videos and audio files), the contributor acknowledges being the creator and/or the owner of the same, and agrees to them being openly used by The Qessa Academy team – and others in accordance with the rules set forth on this website – with the possibility of having them featured on The Qessa Academy’s website, social networks channels and other channels deemed appropriate for their diffusion, including publications, exhibitions, slide presentations, talks and media outlets not related to The Qessa Academy.

Usage of contributed materials is linked to educational and project promotion support across exisiting and future media and platforms. Should interest arise for the said materials and queries related to their economic exploitation ensue by third parties, The Qessa Academy will promptly contact the contributor for permission and licensing details, linking him or her up directly with the enquirer.

Please note that, by sending the material, the contributor does not receive any form of payment associated with it, its use and approval, now and in the future.

2. The copyright of texts, videos, images and audio files remains with those submitting them, along with responsibility, even legal, for their accuracy, authenticy and truthfulness. The Qessa Academy cannot be held responsible or liable for any mistake, misrepresentation, plagiarism or other issues related with the responsability and good faith of the materials received, which ultimately lies with the contributor.

The Qessa Academy also cannot be held responsible for any conflict – family or otherwise – arising after the uploading of materials submitted by the contributor, with whom lies the final responsibility for it.

3. All the materials received are subject to analysis for publication suitability, and may receive support that may partially change their nature in order to make it more widely understood and relevant. Such support includes, but is not limited to, texts translations and adaptations, audio files quality improvement, image and video technical improvements. These efforts are in line with the aim of having a stories archive that is curated and easy to navigate, enjoyed and shared.

Decision regarding publications of your contribute may take up to two weeks, and only materials sent through this website will be accepted. Any contributor with material deemed fit for publication, will be informed by email prior to publication.

4. The content submitted for consideration and publication should not be offensive, racists or disrespectful to anyone based on their gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs, cultural or social background whatsoever.

5. By submitting any kind of material for The Qessa Academy, you implicitly agree to the rules set above as well as the submission criteria.



1. The Qessa Academy considers different kind of materials for online publication, including texts, videos, images and audio files.

Videos, audios and texts that are in languages other than English – except for Dari and Pashto – should be accompanied by a translation to English whenever possible.

2. Content of the materials to be uploaded may vary, but can include qessah (stories), afsanah (folk tales), mazaq (jokes) and other in similar fashion of traditional stories.

3. When submitting the material, please share as many details as possible, including the name, age, place of birth and short bio of the person telling the story (audio files, video, images) and the story itself (whethere it is a common or uncommon story, when and where it was first shared, on what occasion and so on). This will help The Qessa Academy give the audience a better perspective on the story their listening to.

4. Materials can be contributed by anyone from any country, providing that they have a connection with the people and or places within Afghanistan.