The ant and the bird Contributed by - 26 November 2012

The story I would like to share has been told to me by Mr. Beyria of Kabul, Afghanistan, in 2012 and it talks about the importance of compassion and helping one another.

One day, an ant was quitely walking along the river banks until she slipped and felled into the water. Swimming hard against the tide to get out of the water, she was trying her best, but with little success.

Up above on a nearby tree, stood a bird, that could not help noticing the scene, and moved to compassion took a leaf and threw it down into the water, to help the ant. Thanks to the bird’s help, the ant managed to get out from the water and reach the bank.

The following day, walking about the same bank, the ant notices that a hunter was getting ready to shoot down the bird that had helped her. Moved by gratitude, the ant sank her teeth deeply in the hunter’s foot, who fails to kill the bird. The bird then manages to fly away, unhurt.

As a famous Dari proverb says: “you can do good also by simply throwing food into the water for the fish to eat, and God will acknowledge your action and help you out in the desert”.